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||Vashti|| vash’-ti (washti; Astin; Old Persian “beautiful woman”): the “queen” of Ahasuerus, who, for refusing to show herself to the king’s guests at the royal banquet, when sent for by the king, was repudiated and deposed. (Esther 1:1) … (B.C. 483.) Many attempts have been made to identify her with historical personages; but it is far more probable that she was only one of the inferior wives, dignified with the title of queen, whose name has utterly disappeared from history.

The Ram (actually Ramirez) name comes from a very religious place called El Salvador. My father, an avid reader of the Bible and a larger fan of unusual names, thought that this rogue, spunky queen’s name was perfect of his last offspring. However, in El Salvador, people are dumbfounded by unfamiliar names which they cannot spell properly. For example, my brother’s name is Malcolm, but in El Salvador they will have you believe it is Mallcollmss. Thus, my name came to be spelled as Vasti, but I think my dad’s original intention was to have it be spelled as Vasty. I’m trying to stay true to my parents’ original intentions for my name, and at the same time maybe paving a new road for myself away from the real Queen Vashti’s tragic story.

For simplicity though, my friends and I have come to be known by only the first letter of our names.

The >V< is my sole inspiration for the branding of my business. It emulates the horns of the ~Ram~, which is the Zodiac symbol for my Zodiac sign, Aries. By serendipity, the >V< can also be modified to look like an owl, where the horns of the Ram are the eyes of the Owl. The owl has been haunting for a couple of years. Random objects shaped like owls keep falling on my lap, as if it was a sign from the universe. Now my collection of owl paraphernalia just keeps growing without my encouragement.

I just love seeing things come full circle like that.

(Slideshow images: From August 2013, last trip to El Salvador)

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