KEY 103


Wow. This is embarrassing.

Back in 2010, I was done with school and I was trying to “find myself.” This quest led to me many ventures. I was very into fashion for a flash, so I learned how to sew and design dresses; I also really liked painting and drawing, so I started copying masterpieces to practice; I decided my dream was to be a glamorous fashion photographer, so I became a resident of ModelMayhem.com; I suddenly then realized that I truly needed to change the world with my writing, so I drew inspiration from depressing music to write the most amazing novel written by a Salvadoran; and finally, I was definitely going to be the next Gwen f* Stefani. I just knew it. All those countless hours of singing with a maraca to my mouth have to count for something! My (what seemed to be vast) knowledge of philosophy also led me to believe that I could be quite profound and the voice of a generation… or like a couple of peeps at least. I could totally rock the fashion, which, of course, is a HUGE part of my act. I indeed had to write a song about my struggle, it was called “Jack of All Trades.” I wish I could finish it.

Anyway, I was serious. I recruited my two closest friends at the time: one a guitarist and the other a bassist. It was perfect… oh wait, no drummer. Still, things were going smoothly. Smoothly meaning we had one jam session and then lots of drama. We just skipped the making music part to go straight into Yoko Ono drama tabloids sort of thing. However, I’m an image oriented person, so even though our ears were never soothed by my insightful lyrics, we did manage to create quite an image of what our band would have been.

Please, feast your eyes on this beautiful time of exploration my young self endured so bravely.

Yup. That happened.

Now, I was obsessed with the white sheet idea. You see, I wanted to be Annie Leibovitz: painfully perfect portrait photographer for Vanity Fair and Vogue. It really was crafted perfect for me at the moment, because it combined my undying love for fashion and photography. Then, of course, I need to practice my craft if I really I’m planning on replacing her at these magazines. Talent needs to be experienced… and pampered. Naturally, my subjects had to be these furry kitty things I was infatuated with.

JAJA… Right?

((( )))


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