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This painting.

The title to this painting came to me like most things that I adore come to me: in a flash.

KEEP         YOUR         BODY         STILL

I feel both satisfaction and dire frustration when I look at this painting. I should have named it “This painting” because it just hurts to even talk about it. I’m being dramatic.

The title is inspired by Phantogram’s “Don’t Move.”

All you do is
Shake shake shake
Keep your body still, keep your body still

Don’t you realize you’re fine
Oh can’t you see that you’re fine
And know that you’re still alive
You know that you’re still alive
Oh don’t you know you’re alive
Don’t you know you’re alive
Burning in the sky

I fell in love with Phantogram music in a most magical way. There was just something about it that clicked. When it comes to music, I prefer female voices and upbeat tempos, but also melancholic lyrics. Also, I do prefer to know about the people in the band so that I can puzzle together what the song could possibly mean. Well, Sarah & Josh from Phanto were not that famous when I first got into them a year ago, so it was kind of hard to find out any personal details about them. However, they finally hit it big this year, and they had a Vevo lift series where Sarah revealed that she wished to be a photographer in her teens to honor her late father (a photographer). I’m not sure if I’m right, but now it all kind of made sense. Their songs are lathered in death imagery, talking to a specific person in an angry/remorseful way, and frustrated screaming.

I can’t explain that well why this title makes sense, and I guess now I understand why artists really don’t discuss their work to the detail that I was prepared to discuss mine. I have tried to explain the piece to a couple of people: it’s intentions, motifs, symbols, metaphors, desires, loves, fears, and secrets. However, my exact explanations of my painting do not make sense to other people. People that I know personally will come up with their own explanations as to why I used pink & blue or what the placement of my family members means to the point that they won’t even believe my own intentions.

I understand.

Even if Sarah from Phantogram tells me tomorrow, in person, that all those songs are not about her frustration that her father died at a time where she didn’t expect/couldn’t handle it and that that same frustration still lingers in her mind so clearly that she can write so many songs about it, I would not believe her. I would let her know she’s a liar that doesn’t even understand her own mind.

So, instead of writing a long, very descriptive explanation about why I did what or what means what or why the title is what in this post, I’m going to let you enjoy this painting; a painting that challenged me so cruelly and savagely. This painting makes me feel so exposed about my issues, frustrations, bliss, upbringing, and view on life. It’s best if I leave all that up to your imagination.


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