People! Jess at Echo Park

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Jessica could not be more perfect, even though her ambition forces her to strive for more everyday! A woman with a spirit that radiates confidence and joy. A writer who’s a sucker for a compelling tale about discovering your identity in this world and finding the beauty within yourself. No wonder as she herself has committed so fully to her calling in the arts. In her day to day she applies her skills and wisdom towards helping others pursue their dreams in writing. She is the co-creator of the series “Rapid Development” happening yearly at the Fountain Theater.

It is my favorite event of the year. Jessica reads through millions of words from plays submitted by Los Angeles writers under 30. She narrows this pool of incredible talent down to 4 plays that compete to have their play staged at the historic Fountain in its entirety. Jessica along with her creative partner, James, are the producers and mentors to these young playwrights. Every year it gets better and better, with more elaborate production and blistering talent from the entire team. It’s great to see the energy all these creative people feel around each other; fueled by each other to keep on creating their best work!

Quick cute thing I love about Jessica is that she reads as she walks. Right? Adorable – girl doesn’t waste a minute of her time. She’s a star

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