Quests! Van Nuys Boulevard I (Left Side)

By August 27, 2018Quests
QUEST TIME! Finally a quest. I came up with this idea about a year ago due to my dire need to do as much as you can in one sitting, whether it is with work or with fun.

What’s a CITY QUEST? A quest is a way for you to tour all the best spots in a specific area in the city of Los Angeles. Most of my quests are meant to be done by foot, thus achieving a very active step count! But, it’s LA, a lot will require you to drive cause it’s a giant place.

Why is this something you should pursue? This idea sparked during my birthday last year. My girlfriend gave me a book on ALL the essential LA spots to see. I told my friend I would make it my mission to hit all those spots by my next birthday. However, at the time, I lived pretty far away from all the hot spots: far East in San Gabriel Valley. So, heading into the city would take me 1+ hours to drive there… which, if you live here, you know it’s not a drive anyone wants to do. I HAD to make it worth that longggg hour drive.

What was my main inspiration for this? I researched, made spreadsheets, inspected maps for random locations, and that’s how I arrived at QUESTS. If you ever played video games (inspiration for this is from Hearthstone by Blizzard), there are usually certain challenges that you need to complete to unlock a prize or the next level. With this, you get to experience all of the hot spots in that vicinity in ONE day… and it’s a physical challenge because you will cash in a lot of steps for the day. It’s a perfect way to combine staying active while seeing our City of Angels!!

Perfect for your friends visiting out of town! I use these guides when showing around people from out of town. They get to cover the most ground in the most efficient way, sooo no fear of missing out any of the best places in LA. This city is jam packed with hidden treasures and you’ll always find something new along your quest.

***** This post features the LEFT side of the boulevard starting at this restaurant which also had very cool murals. The murals should all be in order from bottom to top, except for Mona Lisa as it is very hidden behind some bushes so make sure to look behind you! *****


10 mile loop
20,000 steps
From 12:30 - 4:30 PM
Parked by Ay Papa Que Rico, and then looped back

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