People! Los at LA River w/ Rigo

By September 21, 2018 No Comments

It’s the utmost pleasure to meet people that share your passion for photography! Surrounding yourself with people who want to create, explore as much as you want or even more is so amazing and fueling.

I found Rigo through Instragram after searching for the Watts Tower hashtag. Of course, the uniqueness of film totally attracted me to his style. I call him a visual anthropologist. He captures the people from this eclectic city in beautiful, harsh sunny light that I’ve come to embrace! I’m used to shooting during sunset when the sun is not so shiny, but he has turned me to the other side.

Excited to learn film photography with him. I’ve always been pretty scared of film. It’s uncertain! There’s no instant gratification, no sure way of knowing how that film turns out. I like that now. It’s a great exercise in letting go of control, cause we don’t really have any control so it mostly gets rid of that ridiculous illusion. JA!

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