MØ @ El Rey Theater

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My favorite musician right now is definitely . I saw her live this year for my birthday at The Glass House in Pomona and then again at El Rey for her pre-Forever Neverland tour. The album came out in October after a long wait, which was fine cause in the interim she released an EP called When I Was Young – now one of my favorite records ever. It was really an EP that introduces the same emotions tackled in this LP.

The thing about MØ (AKA Karen Marie) that’s so attractive is that she feels super genuine. From the way she performs on stage – devoid of rules or doubt – to how she can transport me to being 15 again with a dancey beat. I told my partner that she has the emotional and theatrical essence that Freddy Mercury had. Freddy was inspired by Liza Minnelli’s histrionics and I feel that Karen of MØ has that passion on stage that’s so captivating. You gotta watch the girl dance and break her own heart on stage.

We’re one year apart in age so her subject matter is very moving to me cause I am feeling all those same pains of growing up, feeling nostalgic about the past, looking back at irreparable mistakes, reminiscing on first and lost loves, fighting for your dreams, staying true to yourself, finding your voice, and learning how to be OK with all of it.

I notice a pattern in musicians that hit big with their first album: their second album is always about the struggles of being famous. Meaning since most of their fans are not famous, we can’t relate to them anymore on the level we related to their music the first time around. They lose it cause they get lost in the fame. Karen does have lyrics on that subject in her sophomore record (“West Hollywood”, “Purple Like the Summer Rain”) but it’s still so gorgeously written with melancholy that really plagues all of us regardless if those qualms come from being famous or not. Her message still stays universal as she rejoices that she made her dreams come true. Now that’s a feeling we can all strive to want to experience one day.

My favorite song on the album reflects this ability to stay real, true to yourself and to the message that your fans fell in love with. “Blur” is the main reason I posted this today because she just released a music video for it this morning! LOVE her music videos, this one is my favorite. Not watching this one ’till I post this but this acoustic performance of it is my obsession.

She’s currently touring in Europe, but you can catch her next performance at the timeless LA venue, The Wiltern ($30 for floor!).

This is what I wanted all my life, no one can take it, no
Pour me all the wine and let me picture that I made it, oh
This is what a universal fairytale is made of
Sugar in my veins
Sugar in my veins
This is what I wanted, don't stop
Playing with the old stars above
This is what a universal fairytale is made of
Sugar in my veins
Purple like the summer rain

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