GWEN! @ Zappos Theater

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My most overplayed band since I was 15 is without a doubt, No Doubt. I understand Gwen. I feel like Gwen. All I wanted as a little girl was to fall in love, have babies and live happily ever after. She wanted the same things, and she wrote about the pursuit of those things and the failure to get them. The girl writes from the heart, without shame or reservations regardless of what people may say. Just a girl with an attitude and a lot of heart.

It is weird to see all these songs performed without the boys. It would have been more ideal to have Tom, Tony, and Adrian on that stage. But, it is what is. Stephen Bradley was there; he’s been playing with ND since the beginning.

The show was elaborate. It wasn’t a Gwen or No Doubt show, it was a VEGAS show. Amazing wardrobe, super talented dancers, crazy choreography, emotional singing, and palpable energy. The girl knows how to work a crowd. ND has always put on a very energetic show (as I’ve seen on YouTube videos – should’ve gone to see them last time they toured… fool!). I loved getting 1/4 of that experience with Gwen. She has the cutest dance moves and she is not a slave to a choreography; it’s whatever she feels like which is a cool contrast with the colorful production. Of course, the best outfit was the one with the butt flap – signature Gwen, which I totally copy all the time.

I would recommend you go watch this show. I got super lucky to get bumped to the pit. Either from afar or close, this show is memorable for any Gwen/ND fans and, honestly, just in general. It’s a super fun, personal show about this woman’s journey. It’s a simple kind of beautiful, just like the girl.

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