2019! Goals for the New Year

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Again, we’re here closing another book in our lives, 2018. It was a weird year! I’ve been describing things as “weird” for more than 10 years. I’m about to be 30 this year and I don’t see that changing. But, really, it was weird! I had many different jobs, lived in 5 different places, fostered more than 10 animals, got more politically involved than I ever wanted to be (it gives me heartburn), traveled, experienced a Sisyphus of emotion with my family, hated and appreciated my trade, started working on my passions more consistently, become more confident but still ambivalent, loved like it was my last day on Earth, discovered many many new beers and things I love, got into cooking (wut!), started taking self-portraits again, came up with an art series I’m actually proud of, actually worked on my design skills (shocking!) and started my journey to be happy with my decisions.

I spent a long time thinking about what I wanted for myself this year. It waterfalled out of me like magic. It covers my desire to build on my strengths and need to obliterate my weaknesses. I get held back because of the crippling guilt I have for being myself, doubt, insecurity, procrastination, overloading, etc. But I am also inspired by nearly anything in this world! I need to harvest that.

  1. Complete my series “XYZ”
  2. Have a gallery show for “XYZ”
  3. Continue to work on my studio skills by taking portraits in my studio. Insert more meaning into my portraits by experimenting with foraged props, fabric, paint, and other recycled materials
  4. Open a print shop for my photographs
  5. Sell my paintings and take on more commissions
  6. Run analytics on my website to strategize better ways to grow
  7. Decorate my own home. Get a home first jaja
  8. Get a pet… a dog I guess, since someone is allergic to cats =P
  9. Let myself be happy more often than not. Focus on the positive, don’t let yourself feel bad about your failures, and be OK with the way people view you. Live for yourself; don’t be defined by someone else’s standards
  10. Start my 100 Things a Man Should Know project
  11. Work on making still lives for symbols that are close to my heart
  12. Come up with a new hobby, such as calligraphy (maybe, I have a lot to do)
  13. Write more. Re-read at the end of the month to analyze your strengths and weaknesses
  14. Create a product photography portfolio by practicing with brands you own
  15. Practice “Miracle Mornings”
  16. Spend less time wondering and feeling insecure and just create
  17. Create everyday
  18. Get my PMP certification
  19. Be present in all that I do. Enjoy every moment, don’t let the bad things define me
  20. Start shooting film. Buy a camera to start on eBay and learn how to develop at home
  21. Find brands to work with
  22. Shoot more still life with food and flowers
  23. Define my style as a painter and photographer. Set realistic goals every month
  24. Stop wasting. Try new methods of staying green
  25. Drink less alcohol, drink more water
  26. Be more comfortable with who you are
  27. Stay healthy and be more active
  28. Find a community of artists to stay inspired
  29. Save for a house
  30. Finish learning Portuguese
  31. Use the 1 Second a Day app
  32. Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and make mini music videos
  33. Read more about photography and art history and keep up with the current trends as well as current prominent artists to be able to teach others. Find new techniques and share them through social media
  34. Buy cooking equipment to experiment more with cooking. Be adventurous in the kitchen all year long! Keep up with menu for the week to reduce wasting food
  35. Make more collages
  36. Forage and explore nature more with hikes and my new rollerblades
  37. Start a new project with Rigo
  38. Take a moment everyday to realize how lucky you are
  39. Take a class
  40. Come up with a better organization system for my photos so that I stop running out of space on my phone =P
  41. Create an art studio where I can paint and take pictures in a new home with Z
  42. Re-decorate my mom’s room and mother in law’s guest room
  43. Wake up earlier!
  44. Go to Big Sur
  45. Road trip to Arizona
  46. Take a hot air balloon ride w/ Z
  47. Celebrate 7 years together in SD
  48. Go on safari
  49. Make soup every week
  50. Build a dark room
  51. Print photos every month
  52. Take the train to new cities
  53. Work on my food photography
  54. Learn about pictorialism
  55. Go to more museums to educate myself
  56. Work hard on growing our business. Make CBD a priority!!
  57. Spend more time with my nieces
  58. Be my NYC niece pen pal and send a thank you painting to my NYC family
  59. Take photos with my instant camera
  60. Illustrate a children’s book with Jessica
  61. Go to New York City to visit my family
  62. Watch my sister graduate college in Dominican Republic
  63. Go on a mom and daughter trip
  64. Help more immigrants
  65. Get involved more with animals

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