Portland! Part I

By February 6, 2019 No Comments

I like airports. I really liked the PDX one. It had a brewery right off the gate, Rough Draft. There was a random pianist who was actually amazing, lots of plants, modern design… it was just cool. Our friends picked us up so we got to see the nature filled views of the freeway – already so smitten with the city! Plus, it was cold but not rainy… just a perfect mix of gloomy cuteness.

We had a lot of cheeseboards because they go with beer samplers. We also almost just drank beer and ate cheese the whole time. Went to a dive bar late that night for some music and food truck yum late at night. Also stumbled upon cute shops and graffiti. All random fun which turned out to be better than my very firm map plan jaja

Vintage shops, record stores, book stores, cute breakfast spots, colorful decor, and all the beauty of nature surrounding it. Lots of pink and blues <3

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