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Lady in the Garden! ft. Natasha

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We went to the gardens back in autumn. Nice weather, beautiful nature views. Natasha said the garden is better in the spring. I can’t imagine how beautiful it must be then because it was so breathtaking even when nature was supposed to be withering. We saw a man clearly on something basically groping the trees… or maybe I’m being cynical and he was just that fascinated by the beauty of Descanso Gardens.

I really love this shoot. Especially the shots of her looking like a goddess/queen in the lily pad garden. Those greens really make her look like an angel.

Look out on my Instagram: I will be posting photos my friend Rigo took on film. Film vs. digital… can we just get along?

Model = Natasha Lidner
Art direction = Vasty Ram

Wild Belle! Lovers Rock <3

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Our favorite thing to do as a couple is go to San Diego. It’s not very original or new. It’s where we met. It’s where we fell in love. It just makes sense cause symbolism is important to me. We went to San Diego to see one of my favorite bands, which my partner actually likes! I mean, I like including him in the things I like to do but honestly, I wouldn’t ask him to go to a Lady Gaga show with me cause I think he would really regret San Diego if I did. I’m glad he likes them cause the night before we drove to San Diego, we went to their show at The Zebulon. Saw them two nights in a row, yes. Hey, second time we got to have our favorite Mexican seafood so it was a win win win win win.


We stopped at Searsucker Del Mar for drinks beforehand
Then we went to Oscar’s in Downtown SD 
Finally, Avolution Fest – I’m just gonna say the festival was incredibly small and not what I expected but loved not having the obstructed view of the stage provided by the guy in the hat at The Zebulon

Wild Belle describes themselves as “Lovers Rock.” Pretty accurate. I love their subject matter and their sound, but it could be all noise and bullshit, I would still listen to it if it had Elliot’s saxophone and Natalie’s voice. I never even knew I wanted that combination ’till I heard of them. However, it does help a lot that the lyrics resonate with my endless love of true romance and what it signifies in our lives.

I found them while looking for similar artist to Phantogram on The video for “Keep You” is so goofy and unique. I’m sure a lot of people have a lot of “little men” to weep about. All their music videos have that home-made-maybe-i-should-work-on-my-art-too feeling. My dream job is to make music videos so that truly inspires me.

Gin Wigmore! @ The Troubadour

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The Venue 

First time at The Troubadour in Hollywood. The gist is parking was a nightmare but there is parking if you walk about 10 minutes; the venue is small so wherever you sit you will get a good view; drinks are decently priced and stiff; good location for an after party; there is a cool cool upstairs area with a bar and seats. Intimate and  romantic venue. The Smashing Pumpkins had played a show the night before. The bartender said they played for hours. They had to also confiscate everyone’s phone for the performance.

Portland! Part I

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I like airports. I really liked the PDX one. It had a brewery right off the gate, Rough Draft. There was a random pianist who was actually amazing, lots of plants, modern design… it was just cool. Our friends picked us up so we got to see the nature filled views of the freeway – already so smitten with the city! Plus, it was cold but not rainy… just a perfect mix of gloomy cuteness.

We had a lot of cheeseboards because they go with beer samplers. We also almost just drank beer and ate cheese the whole time. Went to a dive bar late that night for some music and food truck yum late at night. Also stumbled upon cute shops and graffiti. All random fun which turned out to be better than my very firm map plan jaja

Vintage shops, record stores, book stores, cute breakfast spots, colorful decor, and all the beauty of nature surrounding it. Lots of pink and blues <3

A Walk from Downtown to Chinatown

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I often work in Downtown, either for meetings, projects, or just cause I don’t want to work at home. I finished my work early and decided that I was going to brave the maybe possible multiple hours wait to get Howlin’ Rays. It’s been a while since it debuted, I just felt it was time to just find out. Well, in the interest of maximizing my time… I actually edited all these pictures on the VSCO app while waiting in line.

The people in line with me were pretty appalled that I’m from LA and I hadn’t tried it yet. Everyone else in line seems to have already done it one time or another. All I’m gonna say is it’s incredible, does live up to the hype, tender and juicy delicious chick, the rub is amazing, the spices combo is unlike anything I’ve had before, it’s a new kind of food for me (Nashville hot), the pickles were eat and the staff was really friendly. It’s hidden in this random part of Chinatown surrounded by businesses with a more normal traffic than this place. I would say what makes this more successful than those businesses is the branding. This is a great example as to why you need a brand strategist for your business.

Anyway! Here are some pretty pictures of DTLA architecture. Scroll to the bottom for more suggestions on what to explore around this area =) 

9th & Main

  • Pattern Bar – famous downtown bar themed after fashion as it is in the fashion district. All cocktails are named after designers. I recommend Jimmy Choo <3
  • Peking Tavern – underground bar with GREAT dumplings and AWESOME happy hour specials
  • Preux & Proper – gorgeous interiors and Southern food with a twist. Must!

8th & Broadway 

  • Il Caffe – Swedish coffee shop with beer and wine. Food looks pretty expensive so I haven’t gotten anything to eat here. Pop on to 9th & Main to go to the food court in that building instead. I recommend Bakery Nosh for the sweetest lady in downtown
  • Sonoratown – one of my most visited spots. When I say cheap, I mean, take advantage before they raise them cause they are popular. They even expanded their space so it’s huge and always busy.

Hill St. to Chinatown 

  • Lots of street art – look up, look down, look to the side… you’ll find some art
  • Pershing Square – it reminds me of Washington Square Park in NYC. It can have lots of homeless people but they’re all friendly =)
  • Jewelry district – lots of hidden gems around here 😉 Just explore
  • Grand Park – kept pretty clean. Props!
  • Angel’s Flight – take a ride! Bring cash
  • Grand Central Market – always good to pop in here for a pint or some candy
  • Howlin’ Rays – review up top!