Wild Belle! Lovers Rock <3

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Our favorite thing to do as a couple is go to San Diego. It’s not very original or new. It’s where we met. It’s where we fell in love. It just makes sense cause symbolism is important to me. We went to San Diego to see one of my favorite bands, which my partner actually likes! I mean, I like including him in the things I like to do but honestly, I wouldn’t ask him to go to a Lady Gaga show with me cause I think he would really regret San Diego if I did. I’m glad he likes them cause the night before we drove to San Diego, we went to their show at The Zebulon. Saw them two nights in a row, yes. Hey, second time we got to have our favorite Mexican seafood so it was a win win win win win.


We stopped at Searsucker Del Mar for drinks beforehand
Then we went to Oscar’s in Downtown SD 
Finally, Avolution Fest – I’m just gonna say the festival was incredibly small and not what I expected but loved not having the obstructed view of the stage provided by the guy in the hat at The Zebulon

Wild Belle describes themselves as “Lovers Rock.” Pretty accurate. I love their subject matter and their sound, but it could be all noise and bullshit, I would still listen to it if it had Elliot’s saxophone and Natalie’s voice. I never even knew I wanted that combination ’till I heard of them. However, it does help a lot that the lyrics resonate with my endless love of true romance and what it signifies in our lives.

I found them while looking for similar artist to Phantogram on The video for “Keep You” is so goofy and unique. I’m sure a lot of people have a lot of “little men” to weep about. All their music videos have that home-made-maybe-i-should-work-on-my-art-too feeling. My dream job is to make music videos so that truly inspires me.

Gin Wigmore! @ The Troubadour

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The Venue 

First time at The Troubadour in Hollywood. The gist is parking was a nightmare but there is parking if you walk about 10 minutes; the venue is small so wherever you sit you will get a good view; drinks are decently priced and stiff; good location for an after party; there is a cool cool upstairs area with a bar and seats. Intimate and  romantic venue. The Smashing Pumpkins had played a show the night before. The bartender said they played for hours. They had to also confiscate everyone’s phone for the performance.

GWEN! @ Zappos Theater

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My most overplayed band since I was 15 is without a doubt, No Doubt. I understand Gwen. I feel like Gwen. All I wanted as a little girl was to fall in love, have babies and live happily ever after. She wanted the same things, and she wrote about the pursuit of those things and the failure to get them. The girl writes from the heart, without shame or reservations regardless of what people may say. Just a girl with an attitude and a lot of heart.

It is weird to see all these songs performed without the boys. It would have been more ideal to have Tom, Tony, and Adrian on that stage. But, it is what is. Stephen Bradley was there; he’s been playing with ND since the beginning.

The show was elaborate. It wasn’t a Gwen or No Doubt show, it was a VEGAS show. Amazing wardrobe, super talented dancers, crazy choreography, emotional singing, and palpable energy. The girl knows how to work a crowd. ND has always put on a very energetic show (as I’ve seen on YouTube videos – should’ve gone to see them last time they toured… fool!). I loved getting 1/4 of that experience with Gwen. She has the cutest dance moves and she is not a slave to a choreography; it’s whatever she feels like which is a cool contrast with the colorful production. Of course, the best outfit was the one with the butt flap – signature Gwen, which I totally copy all the time.

I would recommend you go watch this show. I got super lucky to get bumped to the pit. Either from afar or close, this show is memorable for any Gwen/ND fans and, honestly, just in general. It’s a super fun, personal show about this woman’s journey. It’s a simple kind of beautiful, just like the girl.

Videos and more on my story on Instagram

MØ @ El Rey Theater

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My favorite musician right now is definitely . I saw her live this year for my birthday at The Glass House in Pomona and then again at El Rey for her pre-Forever Neverland tour. The album came out in October after a long wait, which was fine cause in the interim she released an EP called When I Was Young – now one of my favorite records ever. It was really an EP that introduces the same emotions tackled in this LP.

The thing about MØ (AKA Karen Marie) that’s so attractive is that she feels super genuine. From the way she performs on stage – devoid of rules or doubt – to how she can transport me to being 15 again with a dancey beat. I told my partner that she has the emotional and theatrical essence that Freddy Mercury had. Freddy was inspired by Liza Minnelli’s histrionics and I feel that Karen of MØ has that passion on stage that’s so captivating. You gotta watch the girl dance and break her own heart on stage.

We’re one year apart in age so her subject matter is very moving to me cause I am feeling all those same pains of growing up, feeling nostalgic about the past, looking back at irreparable mistakes, reminiscing on first and lost loves, fighting for your dreams, staying true to yourself, finding your voice, and learning how to be OK with all of it.

I notice a pattern in musicians that hit big with their first album: their second album is always about the struggles of being famous. Meaning since most of their fans are not famous, we can’t relate to them anymore on the level we related to their music the first time around. They lose it cause they get lost in the fame. Karen does have lyrics on that subject in her sophomore record (“West Hollywood”, “Purple Like the Summer Rain”) but it’s still so gorgeously written with melancholy that really plagues all of us regardless if those qualms come from being famous or not. Her message still stays universal as she rejoices that she made her dreams come true. Now that’s a feeling we can all strive to want to experience one day.

My favorite song on the album reflects this ability to stay real, true to yourself and to the message that your fans fell in love with. “Blur” is the main reason I posted this today because she just released a music video for it this morning! LOVE her music videos, this one is my favorite. Not watching this one ’till I post this but this acoustic performance of it is my obsession.

She’s currently touring in Europe, but you can catch her next performance at the timeless LA venue, The Wiltern ($30 for floor!).

This is what I wanted all my life, no one can take it, no
Pour me all the wine and let me picture that I made it, oh
This is what a universal fairytale is made of
Sugar in my veins
Sugar in my veins
This is what I wanted, don't stop
Playing with the old stars above
This is what a universal fairytale is made of
Sugar in my veins
Purple like the summer rain