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Thanks to a giant vote of confidence from my brother, I got a nasty crush on photography. I got attached. I never knew a crush could be so life altering and intoxicating.

I like to freeze unrehearsed, colorful moments from the world. There’s something really magical about a chill, frozen moment. It’s a way of being able to see details of the world in these vibrant cool moments that taste so good. The colors I find most yummy in photos is blue, green & pink… yellow is nice sometimes too. Black and white is a silent favorite, even though it feels contrived at times. I strive for colors speak the word “celestial” and “natural”. I wish it to look like still photos from a movie reel, and that vintage feeling also has a spark to it as well.

I’m available for any type of photography you can imagine.

My current photography project is about illustrating my favorite songs into a story, a collection of personal portraits in romantic settings of people I know, and an exploration of how people live by weaving myself into their environment*****


During my years in college, I realized through philosophy and science classes that I did not know myself very well; I was following a direction in life I thought to be my destiny but it was just a beautiful dream fabricated by someone else. None of it felt like mine. Logically, I had to take a year to journey through my mind and discover (without other voices) what I liked to do. For a year, I delved into all my interests wholeheartedly. I taught myself how to sew, design, how to use Adobe Creative Suite, operate a film camera, drive, draw, paint, sing, write, make music, and how to relax. Well, I am still not very good at relaxing, but I did find out I love to paint. Turns out, painting and photography are the perfect pair.

I’m still in search of “my style.” Nowadays, I like to work on wood/cardboard and to paint with acrylics. I just discovered I love blue and pink together, so I will continue to pursue that. My subjects and inspiration usually include my family or old people with a lot of wrinkles or places in the world that feel magical to me. My influences are Salvador Dali, Picasso, and Matt Rockefeller.

I am currently working on an illustrated book series, written by my favorite girl, Jessica Broutt. I hope you can see some of that work in the new year. I will also be working on a collection of cards featuring my favorite primates & cartoons about everyday life that will hopefully be clever*****


 I wish I could insert myself into most things in life. Unfortunately, there are limitations.

I love looking, cooking, taking photos of, talking about, and the cultish consuming of food.
I love anything that includes visuals: art, fashion, gardening, crafts, computers, graphics, animals, nature, etc.

& I’m very indecisive so I will be coming back to change this biography.

 *****these will be featured in my projects section below*****

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